Truthiz is a self-improvement platform which enables you to receive an honest evaluation of yourself.


Anonymous Feedback

Your identity is anonymous at all times. Give your friends and peers constructive criticism or compliments without them ever knowing who you are.


Establish Goals

Establish goals by building off your feedback and sharing progress with your peers.

Earn Points!

Based on the quality of your contributions to the community, you can earn points, build prestige, and unlock tangible rewards.

Our brand partners will be offering rewards based on your points.

  • Giving high quality feedback is the fastest way to earn points.
  • Receiving likes and retweets on your posts also earn points.

User Authentication with Blockchain

Civic is a decentralized identification platform which uses blockchain to verify your identity.

Login First

Protect your data

All identity related data is fully encrypted on the user's device and never stored by Civic. You control your personal data at all times.

Data Analysis

Protect the community

Unlike most authentication services which can be manipulated, Civic helps us to eliminate fake accounts and reduce problems of trolling and cyber bullying while maintaining the anonymity of users.

Connect with specialists

Instantly connect with a network of specialists tailored to your needs and goals.

Content sharing

Access user-created content related to your goals and share your own experiences.

Rate your resources

Share experiences with local business and explore options recommended by others.

Redeem rewards

Put your points to good use! Our brand partners offer discounts and rewards for your contributions.

Self-Improvement Portal

Our goal is to facilitate your personal improvements. The self-improvement portal gives you a customized catalog of services and content to help you achieve your goals.

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